Top Cryptocurrencies to invest in for Gen Z

Over the last 365 days, we have seen very a large boom inside the cryptocurrency market; for instance, Bitcoin, which began out at much less than 9 thousand dollars last year, is now up over six hundred per cent this year in 2021.

If you had invested only a thousand dollars a year ago, that money would be worth over six thousand dollars this year compared to the stock market or any other investment options such as bonds, real estate etc. The cryptocurrency market attracts a lot of new investors due to its unique characteristics and benefits. Unlike the housing market crash in the real estate market in 2008, it is not a bubble, neither it is like the NFTE, where the demand now has completely fallen off.

As we first introduced it to the public, Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole were irregular cycles. The cycle focuses on the principle of what we know as housing, where every four years or 210000 blocks are being mined get cut in half. This cycle is known as the Bitcoin cycle. There is a positive correlation between Bitcoin having and increases in the price of Bitcoin, as history has shown.


Why is Bitcoin is essential to every investor’s portfolio? Moreover, is it too late to invest in Bitcoin now?. To begin Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to come out and be the brand face of what crypto is today with unquestionable popularity in the market and still the number one coin to rank in market volume, Bitcoin will stand to be one of the most trusted cryptocurrency is available in the future. In addition to that, Bitcoins fundamentals have not changed and still offer gold-like properties where Bitcoin is expected to be entirely mined by the year two thousand one hundred forty.

This limited supply creates scarcity and acts as a store of value, appealing to any large institutions or newer investors. From what we know Bitcoin, is 100 per cent safe, reliable and many more institutions are opening up to the wide adoption of cryptocurrency, which almost always starts with enabling access to Bitcoin.


Ethereum is essential that you need to have in your portfolio. However, Bitcoin is considered a much more stable investment. The metrics to measure a Bitcoin’s value are considered much more well defined due to the similar properties it shares with gold. Ethereum is an open canvas that has much more opportunity to grow and revolutionize the entire world. Just like if you were a value investor in the stock market, any company or, in this instance, a project and protocol. Ethereum provides such a strong foundation that any new project trying to break through in the space cannot ignore. Bitcoin is gold, whereas Ethereum is just like electricity, where it provides real value on thousands of different applications on the home page of Ethereum. Here are six benefits to ethereum

One banking for everyone, a more private network, a peer to peer network, censorship, resistance, commerce guarantee. And lastly, the compatibility for the win. In the past year, we have seen Ethereum start at just two hundred dollars and now up over one thousand two hundred sixty-three per cent. I love Ethereum because, compared to the more significant pullbacks with Bitcoin and the overall crypto market, Ethereum continues to stand firm on its foundation and continues its independent bullish movement forward.


Cardno is also known as Ayda. The whole idea of Cardno is that it is built to solve problems. They do this by using peer-reviewed research to develop a network that avoids any negatives of Bitcoin or Ethereum, where the rules have already been set in place. You know that not all cryptos are perfect. All of them have some individual flaw. With Bitcoin, the network speed isn’t the fastest, and there could always be upgrades made to the system. Cardno has increased over twenty-six hundred per cent and has been trading sideways for the past few months or right around the one dollar mark.


Unlike the last few cryptocurrencies, Teather is what we call a stable coin. This means it mirrors the value of the US dollar. Furthermore, the idea was to create a more stable cryptocurrency that could be used like digital dollars. So one tether is going to be equivalent to one U.S. dollar. Moreover, although this may not sound appealing to any new investor, tether is great crypto for anyone who virtually hates any risk yet still get some upsides. Several exchanges offer huge interest yields for just holding together on their platform.


Chainlink allows the digital world to connect with real-world applications through oracles and intelligent contract programs. Getting information in and out from digital blockchain to the outside world has always had various issues such as vulnerabilities, security, accurate information and just overall reliability. Chainlink offers a solution to all that and has enormous potential in this market. I love the most about chainlink because they are price high enough not to be considered a dog water coin but still appealing to many new investors who are just getting started with crypto and have their eyes gauged on the market price.

Polka dot

Polka dot is another proof of state cryptocurrency that’s built to help weave all the blockchains together. If you were to think about how HTML allows sites, browsers and security to all connect, Polka DOT is focused on offering those same benefits but on the blockchain network. Polka dot does this by using para chains to access a network’s proof of stake and validate transactions and security programs. Its mission is to become the Framework of where all blockchains will be built, so companies know that their foundation is solid and engineered on a network from the ground up.